Motion Graphics

Motion graphics used to be costly and time consuming, limiting their use to only high budget film and TV projects. With the reduced cost of producing motion graphics on a computer, the discipline has seen more widespread use and motion graphics have become increasingly accessible.

Our motion graphics artists have extensive knowledge of several 2D & 3D graphics packages, using each programís strengths to achieve the best result in bringing your vision to life.

At One World Media Group we make use of programs such as After Effects, Motion and Combustion for 2D motion graphics. These programs collected together are used to produce stunning visual effects, compositing and color correction toolsets and primarily come somewhere between editing and 3D in the production process. This "in-between" notion of motion graphics and the resulting style of animation is why it is sometimes referred to as 2.5D.

For 3D motion graphics we make use of Maya, Cinema 4D and 3D Studio Max. Industry standard programs for high impact industry standard motion graphics for TV commercial production, corporate video production and web video production.