Web Video

  1. CEO announcement videos, company wide messaging etc.
  2. Empowerment videos, motivational videos etc.
  3. Tradeshow video production
  4. Investor video production
  5. Training video production
  6. Live event filming and editing
  7. Promotional video production for web, TV or point of purchase (POP)

Corporate Video
(CEO Messaging)

We take great care in making your corporate video production something your organization can be proud of. We have produced dozens of engaging, motivating and brand consistent corporate videos for many high profile organizations.

Besides making your CEO look great on camera, we create an "editors toolkit" as part of the standard production value for every corporate video we produce which includes;

-Animated logo intro.
-Animated lower third graphics - name bars, chapter titles etc.
-Animated transitions for scene changes etc.
-Animated backgrounds for displaying B-roll footage and insert information.

All the elements above are designed to be brand consistent to your corporate specifications.

Corporate Video

Whether you need to gain investors, clients or customers you need an impressive video production that is going to help you do so. Corporate video production itself is an investment; you need to ensure you get a return on your investment.

We create corporate videos that can attract attention, get people talking and more importantly get people buying in to your product, not some home made video presentation that could seriously damage your company’s reputation, especially if you’re a start-up company and at ground floor.

With affordable rates and flexible terms we will deliver a corporate video that stands out from the crowd in trade shows, clearly presents the information your investors need to see and maximize your return on investment.